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Personnal Info

Extra small
Favorite Position:
Doggy style
December 3
4 piercings... you’ll need to find them on your own
Favorite Toy:
G-Spot Dildo
Best Feature:
TV Show:
No TV... I just watch my movies
Favorite Movie:
Naughty Girls At Play
Turn On:
Being watched while I have sex
Turn Off:
Bad Hygiene

Learn More About Me!


My Interest

Hi, my name is Jamie James. Welcome to my first official website: www.squirt4real.com. I am 23 years old and I live in Montreal, Quebec, so of course I am French Canadian! I'm very passionate when comes to female ejaculation, or if you prefer, squirting! My understanding of the right techniques to make almost any woman squirt makes me a good friend to have around ;) I will try to demystify female ejaculation, and teach my personal techniques to all you skeptics so that you could help your girlfriend, wife and/or neighbor to climax… and squirt like a fountain! Follow me into the amazing world of wet pleasure as I will be introducing young, sexy babes to the art of squirting.

Besides being involved in this project, I am also a dance teacher. Dancing is a very important thing for me, and not only do I teach but I also practice a lot because I compete in salsa dance competitions. When I’m not working, I love to travel! I would love to travel all around the world, discovering new people, cultures and languages.

As you will discover along the way I am a pretty dynamic type of girl. That’s why I enjoy so many different sports, like: soccer, volley-ball, and hockey (but I prefer to watch hockey on T.V….) and I often go roller-blading during the summer.

Don’t worry, I’m not such a tomboy (but I am all action)! I love going to good restaurants (I mean NICE restaurants; don’t take me to a fast food place…!). Even better than that would be to have someone cook me dinner, I love anything fresh served with a good glass of wine. For desert, my favorite, chocolate fondue with fresh fruit…SWEET & SEXY!!!

Teaching how to ejaculate to my friends!

That’s nothing compared to my ultimate favorite thing in life: sex! I love sex… with men, and even more with women. Sometimes I even like a threesome! That explains why I decided to become a porn actress.

It all started when I called a guy that I had met in a club a few weeks before. He told me that he knew people in the porn industry and that he could arrange a meeting for me. The day after, there I was in a big 6000 square feet studio going through my first casting! I guess they liked me cause not even a week after I was in front of the camera having sex with 2 beautiful girls, and enjoying every second of it! I’ve been in the industry since then and I still enjoy it!

After a few months in the business I discovered that something I’ve been doing for a while (I did it for the first time at age 14, when I started masturbating) was getting more and more popular…and it was called SQUIRTING! When I was younger, I had no clue what those crazy leaks were! One of my girlfriends, who was very informed on the matter since she was also a “fountain woman” gave me some tips to get me started. After a lot of research, and even more practice, not only did I discover a way to do it anytime and anywhere but I can also make it happen for other women! After all the GREAT comments from my very satisfied partners, I was confident enough to teach others how to have those insane orgasms. Now on my site you will see me teaching it from A to Z. After a few pointers and some practice, any of you guys could enjoy hours of pleasure with your partners!

So, I hope you enjoy seeing all the girls that I will welcome onto my site, and appreciate all the effort I will put into helping girls SQUIRT4REAL!!!


Special Thanks!

I would like to say a special thanks to the owner of Flashy Babes Studio, Dave. He gave me the chance to work in the field. My first contact with him was really meanfull to me, so here is the interview I had with him when I first stepped into Flashy Babes Studios.

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My Interview with Dave

Would you like to become a pro?

I would love to. I would love to open my own school and do competitions. That would be great.

Thats cool. Do you work?

Yeah , I work

Where do you work?

In a dance studio

In a dance studio...nice. What are your hobbies?

For sure Salsa dancing, I got my own horse so I love to ride, I got a motorcycle too.

You have a motorcycle?

Yeah I just bought it.

A sports or?

Yeah a sports

Wow ! What color is it?


White mhmm...You’re going to be sexy on that this summer

I hope so...

Are you in to sports?



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